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Prepare and Bake Your Artisanal Bread with this Bread Proofing Basket Set!

Make your bread, just the way you like it with this bread proofing basket set. 

Are you longing to make your own artisanal, gluten-free or keto-friendly bread but you don’t have the right tools? Now you can! Bread proofing is a step in bread making that’s essential for tasty and satisfying baked goodies. And we have the right tools for you!

The Bread-proofing or banneton basket is made from an Indonesian rattan cane. It is a strong material used for different purposes. It keeps the dough in the right shape, the style of artisanal bread.

Get your bread-proofing basket now! The Bread-Proofing Basket set includes:

The complete bread-making kit also comes with a downloadable instructional baking e-book.

Now it is easier for you to make your artisanal bread, with recipes and flour guides that fit specific dietary needs.

Do you want to make your bread to fit your dietary requirements? Do you want a gluten-free bread for you and your family’s health? Are you following a low-carb Keto diet but do not want to miss on eating bread?

Now you can make your bread according to your preference and lifestyle. click here to get your own artisan bread baking kit now!

Store-bought keto or gluten-free bread is expensive. More importantly, your satisfaction is not guaranteed in terms of taste as well as the ingredients used. With your Bread-proofing basket kit, you can make your own Keto or Gluten-free bread that suits your taste and the right ingredients that fit your dietary requirements. 

Our bread-making kit comes with a downloadable baking e-book that includes 20 recipes of different pieces of bread for various health and dietary needs and lifestyle.

The bread proofing basket is free from splinter making the surface extra smooth for easy sliding out of dough, from the basket straight to the baking sheet and into the oven. The grooves help in creating that artisanal style bread and for a crispier outer layer.

The beautiful handmade basket is made using durable natural rattan that’s free from any kind of chemicals including a dye. The banneton basket can be used with or without the liner or bread couch. The linen couch included in the set if for a smoother finish of the bread as well as easier cleanup.

Proofing without the linen couch gives the bread an artisanal style and crispier crust. Easy cleanup with or without a liner because of the smooth surface, nothing sticks to it. If there’s stubborn excess flour or dough, let it dry then brush away with a soft-bristled brush.

If your diet requires specific amounts of carbohydrates or gluten-free flour or alternative, and you worry about availability and ingredients of store-bought bread. Worry no more, with the banneton basket kit; you can make your bread with 20 tasty recipes that fit different dietary requirements.


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EASY FOR ANYONE TO USE – Our complete bread proofing banneton basket kit is perfect professional chefs, bakers, bread makers, bakery shop, home cooks and aspiring bakers.

Hanging Tree Imports Bread Proofing Basket Set

10 Inch Banneton Bread Proofing Basket Set, Includes Bread Lame, Linen Baking Couche, Dough Whisk, 2 x Dough Scrapers, Basket Liner

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