Hanging Tree Imports (HTI) - Providing Products Made From 100% Natural And Durable Materials

Hanging Tree Imports (HTI) is fairly new in the retail industry with a strong vision of providing high-quality products sourced from different parts of the world. We do our best to provide products made from 100% natural materials, proven and tested for durability and usefulness.

Our Attention to Every Detail

You are ensured of the quality of products we provide by our attention to detail. HTI is not just a run of the mill retailer. When we source products, we focus on the details. We test the products ourselves. We also look at the different items that will go well with it. 

Because we believe it is part of the service we can provide to our customers. HTI is committed to knowing the full details of each product or item in our line, how they are used and what other material or items can be provided to enhance the experience of clients in using our products.

Our Products

Our flagship product is the Bread Proofing basket made from rattan canes from Indonesia. The effort of buying rattan canes is to support small villages. And the products are handmade in China. In our product selection, each item in the set has been researched and tested, to enhance efficiency and customer experience. We want to encourage our customers to use the product and enjoy the fruits of their labor - homemade and healthy bread.

Because we believe that through enhanced efficiency and experience, customers will be able to enjoy utility and also promote self-reliance in making their food.

Our Vision

HTI has the vision of offering products that are durable and made from natural products that promote global sourcing to help communities from other parts of the world. It is a win-win situation that offers assistance, and for natural raw materials to make it to the mainstream market. The synergy to help as well as gain from helping and giving customers the fruitful and enjoyable experience is our vision. We are committed to this vision and make it happen, hence, our sourcing and attention to every detail.

Check out our products available through this link Bread Proofing Basket Set and order yours now! For healthy and freshly baked bread made from home. We offer a no questions asked money back guarantee.

Free eBook

Our website offers a free eBook - “7 Flours for the Diet Conscious Baker” - if you are like me, you love bread but may unfortunately have a gluten sensitivity. This book highlights some different flours you may use with your Hanging Tree Imports banneton set to bake your own nutritious homemade bread.

Weird Name

The name comes from two sources (1) one of my favorite trees, the weeping Willow, whose branches hang down to the ground and (2) from an historical location I used to live near (just down the street) in London, the Tyburn Hanging Tree. It is featured in one of my favorite movies “Plunkett & MacLeane.” Great movie, worth a watch.

Many Blessings,
Hanging Tree Imports