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Hanging Tree Imports Bread Proofing Basket Set

10 Inch Banneton Bread Proofing Basket Set

Includes Bread Lame, Linen Baking Couche, Dough Whisk, 2 x

Dough Scrapers, Basket Liner

  • Complete Bread Making Set
  • Hand-Woven Bread Basket
  • Bake Delicious Artisan Bread
  • Use With or Without a Liner
  • Easy for Anyone to Use


Complete Bread Making Set – Everything you need to get started making your very own homemade artisan bread. Beautifully handcrafted 10” Indonesian Cane proofing basket along with: Bread lame, linen baking couche, dough whisk, scrapers, linen cover, and basket liner.

Hand-Woven Bread Basket – Built with exceptional quality and materials so your brotform basket is built to last and ready to proof dough for ages. Hand-woven with all natural rattan cane and secured with stainless steel staples. Perfectly smooth non-stick surface for no splinters.

Bake Delicious Artisan Bread – Included with your purchase is a 20 bread recipe ebook to start baking delicious homemade sourdough breads right at home. All the tools to proof and bake bread like a pro. Our rattan basket creates a delicious crust during the proofing process.

Use With or Without a Liner – Using the included linen basket liner, it allows for an easier clean up, smoother finish on your bread, or if using a wetter dough. Proofing without gives you that classic, artisan spiraled design on your bread and a crispier crust.

Easy for Anyone to Use – Our complete bread proofing banneton basket kit is perfect professional chefs, bakers, bread makers, bakery shop, home cooks and aspiring bakers. Anyone who wants to make professional artisan bakery style bread from their own homes.

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